Inter House Environmental Science Quiz

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Kindly find the below link of Environmental Quiz.


Prelims will be on 11/06/2018.



Science H.W. (03/04/18)

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Application Task: Answer the following question in the NB1 as per our discussion in Class.
1.‘Avoid plastics as far as possible’. Comment on this advice.

2. Why synthetic fibres are preferred over Natural Fibres?

3. Plastic articles are available in all possible shapes and sizes. Can you tell why?

History HW for 3.5.18

Q-1Here is a passage from Edmund Burke‟s eloquent opening speech during the impeachment of Warren Hastings:

” I impeach him in the name of the people of India, whose rights he has trodden under his foot and whose country he has turned into a desert. Lastly in the name of human nature itself, in the name of both the sexes, in the name of every age, in the name of every rank, I impeach the common enemy and oppressor of all. ”

  1. Who was Warren Hastings?
  2. Why was he impeached? [1 + 3 = 4]

Q-2Write a note on Regulating Act of 1773.

Q-3 Who was a collector?

Q-4Explain the system of justice established in 1772.

ENGLISH HW- 03.05.18

Dear learners, hers is the home work for today.

DictionaryRead the lesson ‘Tsunami’ all parts, silently without moving your lips. Underline the new and difficult words that you come across while reading and find out its meaning and write in Notebook 1.

[Time:30 min;                     MI:Verbal;              RBT:Understanding]

Science H.W. (01/05/18)

Dear Learners,

Application Task: Answer the following questions in NB-1.
a. Write differences between synthetic fibres and natural fibres? (6 differences)
b. ‘Manufacturing synthetic fibres is actually helping conservation of forests’.
c. Rana wants to buy shirts for summer. Should he buy cotton shirts or shirts made from the synthetic material? Advise Rana, giving your reason.

[Time 15 minutes MI: Verbal RBT: Application]

Note: Submit your Journal tomorrow without fail. (Ignore the message if submitted)

History HW for 1.5.18

Answer the following questions in your notebook

In 1733 the Nawab of Bengal said this about the English traders:

“When they first came into the country they petitioned the then government in a humble manner for liberty to purchase a spot of ground to build a factory house upon, which was no sooner granted but they built a strong fort, surrounded it with a ditch which has communication with the river and mounted a great number of guns upon the walls. They have enticed several merchants and others to go and take protection under them and they collect a revenue which amounts to Rs 100, 000 … they rob and plunder and carry great number of the king‟s subjects of both sexes into slavery into their own country …”

  1. Where did the English set up their first factory?
  2. What is a factory?
  3. What restrictions were imposed on the Company by the Bengal nawabs? [1 + 1 + 2 = 4}

Reading passage: 2

This is what James Mill, the famous economist and political philosopher from Scotland, wrote about the residents appointed by the Company.

“We place a resident, who really is king of the country, whatever injunctions of non-interference he may act under. As long as the prince acts in perfect subservience, and does what is agreeable to the residents, that is, to the British Government, things go on quietly; they are managed without the resident appearing much in the administration of affairs … but when anything of a different nature happens, the moment the prince takes a course which the British Government think wrong, then comes clashing and disturbance.

  1. Who was James Mill?
  2. Who was a Resident?(1)
  3. What was the reason behind appointing residents in the Indian state?(1)

In Workbook complete till page no. 21 topic Tipu Sultan “Tiger of Mysore”