Science H.W(1/7/17)

Textual Task: Complete Q. 2 and Q. 8 of Textbook.

[Time: 10 minutes               MI: Verbal                 RBT: Application]

  1. Decision Making Task: Choose the correct answer from the given options and write them in the NB.
  2. Refining of petroleum is done by ______________.                                                                     a)  decantation     b)  filtration    c) sedimentation       d) fractional distillation
  3. The fuel used in wick stoves to cook food is __________.                                                          a. petroleum       b. kerosene        c. diesel           d. paraffin wax
  4. The component of petroleum used for making candles is __________.                                    a. petroleum        b. kerosene       c. diesel           d. paraffin wax
  5. Bitumen is used for making ….                                                                                                     a. toilet goods b. grease c. Vaseline       d. road surfaces
  6. Petroleum is used as a/an _______________.                                                                                    a. aviation tool   b. lubricating oil c. Solvent        d. grease

[Time: 10 minutes              MI: Verbal                 RBT: Analysis]


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