ENGLISH H.W 30.06.17

Dear Learner

Check the arrangement of adjectives:

“The interesting, small, rectangular, blue car is parked in my space.”
“I bought a beautiful, long, red, Italian, silk tie.”
“My father lives in a lovely, gigantic, ancient, brick house.”
“I have an annoying, small, circular, American, tin, alarm clock that wakes me up.”
“Let’s order a delicious, huge, rectangular, pepperoni pizza.”
“We all love our smart, petite, British teacher.”
“They all received several dazzling, small, ancient, gold coins.”
“She owns a stunning, large, old, brown dog named Boris.


 1. Now,choose the correct order from the  options given below and write it in your notebook.
A green, tie ugly.
An ugly, green tie.
A green, ugly tie.


An interesting, old book.
A book, interesting old.
An old, interesting book.


A wooden, big, white table.
A big, white, wooden table.
A white, big, wooden table.


A tiny, bent, old, blue, Swiss pen.
A bent, tiny, old, blue, Swiss pen.
An old, blue, tiny, bent, Swiss pen.


My middle-aged, tall, Italian, funny, husband.
My funny, tall, middle-aged, Italian husband.
My tall, funny, middle-aged, Italian husband.

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