Science H.W (26/4/17)

Dear learners,

Due to network problem, I am late in posting the H.W.

Logical Reasoning Task: Choose the correct answer:

1) Which of the following is a denitrifying bacterium?

a. Pseudomonas     b. Nitrosomonas         c. Nitrobacter              d. Rhizobium

2) Which of these is not a viral disease?

a. Small Pox    b. Chicken Pox            c. Polio                        d. Pneumonia

3) Penicillin is obtained from

a. Bacteria          b. Fungi                       c. Virus                           d. None of these

4)   A preparation which provides immunity against a particular disease

a. Antibiotic     b. Medicine                 c. Syrup                      d. Vaccine

5)   Blight disease of potato is caused by

  1. Fungi b. Bacteria                   c. Virus                        d. All of these

6)   The consumption of contaminated food and water can cause

  1. Polio b. Typhoid                  c. Malaria                    d. Ringworm

[Time: 10 minutes  MI: Logical                                         RBT: Application]


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