ENGLISH- HW- 10.04.17

Dear learners, here is the home work for today.

Comprehension: Answer the questions given as comprehension check on P.10, 14, 15 and 16 in Notebook 1. Remember to refer to the points you had made in Class yesterday while brainstorming with your table mates.
Read your answers to see whether you have written the answers appropriately. Proof read your work.

1. What did the author find in a junk shop?
2. What did he find in a secret drawer? Who do you think had put it in there?
3. Who had written the letter, to whom, and when?
4. Why was the letter written — what was the wonderful thing that had happened?
5. What jobs did Hans Wolf and Jim Macpherson have when they were not soldiers?
6. Had Hans Wolf ever been to Dorset? Why did he say he knew it?

[Time: 30 min MI: Verbal, Logical RBT: Application]


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