ENGLISH- HW-07.04.17

Dear learners, here is the home work for today.

ReadingRead aloud the lesson ‘The Best Christmas Present in the World’ and then reread it once silently pp 14-16.

 Active Vocabulary: Arrange the words that you had made a note of on Wednesday, alphabetically and guess the meanings of the words in the context of your reading. Do not write the meanings.

[Bridport, Junkshop, Roll-top Desk, Spotted it, Scorch marks, Clumsily mended, Veneer, Brute force, Tommy, Fritz, No man’s land, Parapet, Marzipa, Thomas Hardy, Far From The Madding Crowd, Bathsheba, Gabriel oak, Sergeant troy, Conservatory, Wicker chair]

[Time: 30 min              MI: Verbal, Intrapersonal             RBT: Knowledge; Analysis]


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